Welcome to the Meany Massage page

Linda with daughter Juliana

This is the info page for the great massages available at Meany Lodge. Our therapist is Linda Harkness who is also one of the Tow Operators and in a pinch will help with the never-ever skiers. She is the mom of two of the Meany Kids (Christopher and Juliana). She has an MA in Psychology and has been a licensed massage therpist since 1990. Her nickname (lovingly) is "Radiator Hands", as her hands are very warm and comforting during massages.

Your massage will be tailored to fit your specific needs and can range from a generalized relaxation massage to focused attention to problematic areas. If you're not sure you can benefit from Linda's massages,just ask any of the Committee (especially Patti or Dave) about their experiences. Several of them have standing appointments for massages every weekend during ski season.

The massage area is on the second floor, next to the Women's Dorm The room is quiet and has an extra heater that makes it comfortbably warm.

Massages cost $15.00 for 10 minutes and can be booked in multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30 minutes). This is a substantantial discount from Linda's customary rates, and all proceeds are donated to the Meany Capital Development fund. In 2008 the donations helped fund the women's bathroom remodel; 2009 funds paid for the Lodge's carpet replacement and 2012 help to pay for the main floor refinish. So if you would like to get a great massage for a great price, while helping Meany at the same time, then be sure to book a massage with Linda. Just look for the massage schedule chart that is posted on the main floor, and put your name in the slots. But be sure to book early, as these slots fill quickly.

Massages are usually available Saturday nights. However, due to rising demand, Linda has agreed to open a few slots on Friday nights. These can be booked by special request. If you would like to schedule a Friday night massage, or if you have any questions, just send her an email at massage or give her a call at 206.849.2108

Linda has a private practice in her home on Phinney Ridge in Seattle where she uses a variety of treatment approaches to renew your health and vitality (deep tissue and relaxation massage, detoxification, FIR sauna, EFT, etc.) Linda accepts PIP, L&I, cash & personal checks. Contact Linda at linda.harkness@gmail.com or 206-849-2108 to schedule an appointment at her private practice.