So -- How much does a stay at Meany cost ?

Now that you have decided that Meany is the place for you, you need to know how much it will cost to come up and visit. Well there are two main charges

State Fees (Parking/Usage) Types:

The price break down is:

Crystal Springs Sno-Park Usage Fees

Permit Type Base fee Vendor/On-line fee
Day Sno_Park $20 $1
Day/Annual Discovery $10/$30 $1.50/$5.00
Season Pass with Groomed trail sticker $80 $2

Please Note:

Both types of permits are available at several retail locations, or on-line.

Meany Fees (Room/Board/Usage):

When I describe what one gets when you visit Meany, people are just amazed. Where else can you get to ski, eat and sleep for such a low price.

Come during the Christmas week, It is a fantastic time to get early season skiing (you may even get to do the first run on fresh powder !), with smaller crowds and the same great food and company. Then to top it off come for New Years. Prime Rib dinner, fireworks, and night skiing.

Age Breakdown

Pricing listed below are based on the following age division

Adult 14+ and up
Child 5 - 13 years
Toddler Under 5 years

Weekend Costs for the 2014 Winter Sports Season: January - March
NOTE: All charges do not include the processing fee

Guest Category (1) Full Weekend (2) Saturday Night (3) Day Use
Adult member $110 $95 $35
Child member $65 $50 $20
Adult Guest $125 $110 $45
Child Guest $75 $60 $25
Toddler Free

(1) member status is for Mountaineers members
(2) Arrive Friday evening, leave Sunday afternoon
(3) Arrive Saturday, leave Sunday afternoon

Daily overnight rates for Holiday (Christmas) week Dec 27th - Jan 1st
Note: This price include meals, skiing and overnight stay for one night

Adult member $65
Child member $35
Adult Guest $80
Child Guest $45
Toddler Free

Season's Pass for Unlimited Access to Meany

Now for the skiing aficionado that can never get enough, this deal is for you, for one low price, you get full season room/board access to the lodge and usage of the surrounding ski venues.

Adult $475
Child $325

Special rates available for non-profit group use. Please Contact the meany lodge chair person for details at:
phone:    (253) 381-3737